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about windsor pride

CLICK HERE to Learn more about the event on our Event Line-Up page!

Windsor is a strong community and we've proven that strength through resilience, joy, and intolerance for marginalization of any form in recent years.  We continue to show that love wins in Windsor. We decided to come together and create the inaugural WINDSOR PRIDE FESTIVAL. Our team consists of gay, lesbian, trans and straight ally Windsor residents, youth and adults, Latinas, parents and more.

Just down the road in San Francisco, Harvey Milk revolutionized the conversation around gay rights in the 1970s and was sadly assassinated for his outspokenness. Every June since then, we have donned our brightest colors, blasted the music to dance in the streets, and raised our voices globally to remind everyone that we are here and we are queer. 

No two queer journeys, coming out stories or lives  are alike, but we are all united on one common ground -- the desire to love and be loved, just as our heteronormative majority is free to express themselves.​ We wanted to create a fun Pride event to bring from the Bay Area of all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations to our sweet little Town Green and show our LGBTQIA+ youth and adults that this community does not allow hate or discrimination in any form for any reason. 


As the great Harvey Milk said, "Hope will never be silent." We will continue to raise our voices until all people, especially the trans community and communities of color, are able to love and be loved freely and without fear. We hope you enjoy yourselves! Eat, drink, dance and celebrate love and freedom with us!

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People4Parks is a grassroots organization dedicated to raising funds for Windsor area parks projects. Our Board is diverse; we are businesspeople, community leaders, attorneys and so much more. We share one common belief: we all believe that innovative, inclusive, safe, beautiful parks and play spaces make our community strong. Windsor Parks and Recreation Foundation dba People 4 Parks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit California Corporation (Tax ID # 45-2913488).

Mission statement

People4Parks makes life in Windsor better for all by:

  • financially supporting windsor parks, people, and places

  • building community through events and activities inclusive of all people in our park spaces

  • supporting community projects that beautify and enhance Windsor's parks and public spaces

Meet our grand marshals

Lorene romero
grand marshal

Lorene is a Bay Area native, born and raised in Redwood City before it became Silicon Valley. She had a difficult childhood with alcohol and drug abuse in the home and a mother who passed away of addiction when she was 7. Even though she was a tomboy who hated pink and wearing dresses, her father advocated for her throughout and she came out during her senior year in high school with four others in her class ('79). Lorene became the Director of Gay and Lesbian Campus Community (GLCC) at SFSU, speaking in various classes regarding gay and lesbian lifestyles. Though, soon after graduating from college, she hit bottom and went into the 12-step program, remaining sober ever since. She is a widely known public servant including organizations such as NCMUG, human rights commission in Sonoma County, People for Parks, Windsor Chamber of Commerce, Donate Life (LEAD), and currently manages the Copper Whale Inn in Anchorage, Alaska.

Be your true and transparent self, and always speak from your heart.


dina nofi
jr grand marshal

Dina is 7 years old and resides in Windsor California with her parents Andrea and Marcus, two siblings Lydia and Frankie and enjoys the benefits of our town’s friendly environment and community. She has filled her family's lives with love, joy, and enlightened us with the truly special way in which she perceives the world and her being. We eventually realized Dina didn’t necessarily fit with her assigned sex at birth. She had the tendency to gravitate towards pretty dresses, dolls, dance, and all things pink and sparkly. Dina currently attends school in the Windsor Unified School District. Her teachers and the school administrative team have accepted Dina with open arms. Dina loves her teachers, school and fellow students who love and accept her for who she is. She loves telling her story to help others transitioning. Her family is so proud of her and will forever be her greatest ally in life. Dina’s strengths are her confidence, authenticity, and her profound ability to empathize with others. 


Meet the teaM

Lorene Romero
Volunteer +

Hi! I'm Lorene and I identify as a cis lesbian woman. I've lived in Windsor for over 25 years and got married to my amazing wife Gayle in 2008, officiated by my dear friend and then-mayor Debra Fudge. This town has changed a lot since I first got here, but I couldn't imagine any other place I'd rather call home! This is a family town on many levels and I'm grateful to have found my chosen family here.

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David opperman
Street Fair + Community Fair

Hi! I'm David and I identify as a cis gay man. Healdsburg and Windsor have been my home since I was born, and I am so happy about all of the growth I've seen in the people and both cities over the years. I make a home on the Town Green with my partner Reggie and our cats, and love traveling to markets around the county with my business Bottega Boop. I'm looking forward to celebrating love in all it's forms here in Windsor at Pride!

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Spencer Blank

Hi! I'm Spence and I identify as a cis gay man. Since the summer of 2020, Windsor has become home to me and my fiancé Jon, and our adorable French Bulldog Brody. We love our new community and I can't wait to return all of the love I've felt from Windsor at our Pride Festival!

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leanna Lozinto-lindsay

Hi! I'm Leanna and I identify as a cis straight Pomo woman ally. This community has surrounded me with love, friendship and support for my family - owned business downtown. I am SO proud to show my support for the LGBTQIA+ community and welcome my fellow indigenous family to join us!

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Erika Garcia
Community Relations

!Hola! Mi nombre es Erika y soy una mujer Latina cisgenero y eterosexual. Tengo un maravilloso hijo gay a quien amo sin condiciones. Para mi es muy importante tener eventos familiares donde nuestros hijes se sientan aceptades y en un embiente seguro. Brindemos un poco de felicidad y unión a nuestra comunidad LGBTQ! Sí, yo amo!

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Eric Beene

Hi! I'm Eric and I identify as a cis straight man ally. My wife leads one of an LGBTQ affirming and inclusive church in Windsor and our life is centered around spreading love and inclusivity to ALL of God's children. Our son attends WHS and participates in the theatre program, and we are all so happy to call Windsor our home. I'm looking forward to seeing our community come together to celebrate love as we come out of our pandemic blues.

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Social Media + Marketing

Hi! I'm Nate and I identify as a cis gay man. I'm a recent Sonoma County transplant and have loved feeling safe and accepted for who I am here. Bringing the gay sparkle of the Russian River to my Windsor home is a dream come true!

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Melissa Leonard
Kid Zone

Hi! I’m Melissa and I identify as a cis straight woman! I am a Sonoma county native and have lived in windsor for 15 years! My husband Jeff and I have 4 children that attend Cali Calmecac Language Academy. I am a professional figure skating coach and own a social media marketing company. I started Pay Nothing Windsor on Facebook, and it’s been an honor to moderate. I’m looking forward to hanging out with all your kiddos and giving hugs to anyone that may need one!

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